In response to the needs of different tourist offices (Pays de Duras, Entre-deux-mers, Coeur du Bassin), I developed a syndicated component (SIRTAQUI) and a lot of modules and plugins in relation to this one.

The main component (com_sirtaqui) saves (or synchronize) data from the database SIRTAQUI (departmental database). This import can be complete or partial, since it is possible to filter values ​​on multiple fields, the component also supports negative filters (eg all events that are not lotos). The website administrator can itself create its own key syndication, and make links to them, it can also set a number of display settings according to the type of key selected.

min sirtaqui1 min sirtaqui2 min sirtaqui3 min sirtaqui4

Over time new functionalities were added with the component such as :

- An interactive map

min carte1 min carte2 min carte3 min carte4

- An agenda (mini-calendar) and a list of events (fixed or scrolled)

min agenda4 min agenda1 min agenda2 min agenda3

- A roadbook

min carnet1 min carnet2 min carnet3 min carnet3

- An availability module

min dispos1 min dispos2 min dispos3 min dispos4

- A module of associated offers

min offre_associee2 min offre_associee1

- A module of random offers

min offre_aleatoire1 min offre_aleatoire2

- An offers widget

min widget1 min widget2

- Syndicated RSS Feed

min rss2 min rss1