Online service offering to share a journey between two destinations. This system makes it possible to reduce the expenses of these users but also to decrease the harmful effects that these daily journey have on the environment (ex: greenhouse effect). Even if the list of the ways is available without beings connected, details are only accessibles to recorded users; the journey list can also be display on a map with the possibility of sorting per day (regular way).

The system is administrable via a specific interface, thus the administrator will be able with his own way to add pages, categories and events, videos, links... Particular attention was paid to the management of the users and the list of the journeys on the backoffice side (filters, dynamics listings, possibility to blacklist users, etc.).

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Estimates and invoices

Online application to manage quickly and simply customers, lists of products, create estimates, convert them into invoices (PDF format) and print them. VAT are configurable, estimates are archivable, paid and unpaid invoices are separated into two different lists.

Specific modules were developed according to the needs: emailing from the customer base, database to archive backup CDs, statistics...

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File transfer

Hotline file transfer. The user-friendly and clear interface, one-page display which makes use of the service very simple. After each upload recipients are automatically saved,thus the next uploaded file the user will not have to enter again the recipient but simply to select it directly from the associated list. Each link can be sent to a limited number of people but can be transferred back (from the list of files) as many times as desired. The email received by the recipient is customizable (header, transfer button, footer).

Files uploaded there more than 30 days are automatically deleted to ensure server disk space optimization, however, it is possible to manually update the file's timestamp if you want to keep it longer.

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Advanced form

Estimate request form for a printer. It allows:

  • To select a specific form depending on the type of product
  • To have different choices available depending on the selected options
  • To check which fields are filled and valid (Javascript / jQuery)
  • To preview the product ordered ​​according to the choices made
  • To send an email summary

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